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Playa los Cedros in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  Great left-point break.

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Yoga or Meditation at Anamaya in Montezuma

· Yoga and Healing Arts Workshops· 

During the week we'll offer a daily schedule of numerous workshops, classes and lectures.

Contact Angela if you're interested in leading a workshop: aboltz215@gmail.com

Yoga and Healing Arts:



Angela discovered the magic of Yoga in 1999 as a student at Temple University. Drawn to the wisdom of Eastern Philosophy, she majored in both Anthropology and Religion, combining the two into an independent study of Comparative Eastern Religions and Culture. She has been a Yoga Alliance certified instructor since 2003 and has continued her education with teachers such as Sri Dharma Mittra, Sri Andrei Ram Om, Roger Cole, Michael Fukumura, Tim Miller, Kofi Busia, John Friend, Duncan Wong, and Ana Forest.

Over the years, her teaching has evolved into a unique style of vinyasa yoga, rooted deeply in ancient wisdom, but beautifully intertwined with the richness of her life experience and extensive practice.  She describes her Vinyasa classes as a true moving meditation; linking organic movement, breath, and sound in a seamless energetic dance. towards the truest Self. She believes that by synchronizing our individual rhythms with the energetic pulse of the natural world, we begin to step away from the illusion of separation and into the awareness of our connection to all living things.  As we connect to this unlimited source of energy and reveal the infinite possibilities of conscious expression, we can begin to experience the joyousness of truly being alive.

In addition to her regularly scheduled classes in Costa Rica, she is a social entrepreneur, freelance writer, event planner, and can be found teaching yoga worldwide. She is currently hosting both national and international yoga retreats, serves at a Brand Ambassador for Manduka Yoga, and is the Director of a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training at Montezuma Yoga Center in Costa Rica.


Shakti Rhythm Vinyasa: Waves 

All energy (Shakti) moves in the same way, no matter what outer form it's expressing itself through--and this basic movement of energy in the Universe is a wave-like spiral flow.  In this candlelight yoga class, we will move to the slow flow of ambient grooves, tribal beats, and traditional chants to awaken to the waves of prana that are coursing through the body.  By relaxing our grip on needing to control our movement and breathing—and surrendering the body and being to a sense of universal support—we actually open ourselves to "being moved and breathed" by the Universe.  As we merge with the beat of the cosmic dance, we naturally shift into a state of Samatva: balance, peace, and intense self-awareness.

Shakti Rhythm Vinyasa: Flames

While Tapas has been defined literally to mean "heat", the broadest sense of the definition refers to the sacred heat generated by certain spiritual practices and the ritual self-purification of a dedicated yoga practice. As the flames of transformation are stoked, with fluid movement and rhythmic breathing, the energetic potential of the body (Shakti) is encouraged to rise up the spine to meet the universal consciousness (Shiva) accessed at the crown of the head.  In this fiery, core-strengthening class, we will journey into the body's energetic center to cleanse the system, clarify your vision, and taste the richness of spiritual transcendence.


Banyan Gallagher has been closely studying the arts of movement since the age of 12.  His background as an NCAA athlete contributed a strong discipline in his current practice, and a deep understanding of the limitless movements the human body has evolved to make.  Banyan's yoga studies began as a search for flexibility to expand his performance art capabilities, but soon realized the benefits going on a far deeper level than the physical.  He practices a form of Tantra-Hatha Yoga, a series of techniques designed to accelerate evolution and overcome our limitations on a subtle plane. 

From the very start, Banyan has had the pleasure of studying with some of the world's most renowned teachers, from Tias Little to Andrey Lappa, Shiva Rea to Ana Forrest, Jim Bennitt to Rod Stryker.  In his classes, he seeks to blend traditional teachings with modern analogies in the hopes of giving the Western practitioner direction, stillness, and balance.


Bhuta Agni – "The Fire that Burns the Shadows"

In this workshop we will discuss the energetic system of Hatha Yoga and experience, from a Tantric perspective, the fire that burns inside us all.  This flame can be tended, fed, nurtured and directed with asana, bandha, pranayama, and mudra.  With these powerful techniques the fire burns bright and can transform us on physical, mental, and psychic levels.  Expect a challenging but playful vinyasa session and come with an empty belly!



After leaving Germany in 1996, Dagmar moved to Los Angeles, where she began practicing and studying yoga. After moving to New York she intensified her studies and trained with Anusara teacher Elena Brower at Virayoga NY. She arrived in Montezuma in October 2001 where she opened Montezuma Yoga center and began teaching and organizing yoga retreats. She is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher and also an Anusara inspired teacher. As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC she compliments yoga with her work as a certified Holistic Health Counselor.


Vinyasa Yoga with live music from the Hang

In this special Vinyasa Flow class Dagmar will be accompanied by local artist Daniel Gautschi, playing the beautiful melodies of the Hang drum, a very unique, handmade instrument created in Switzerland. Daniel has been living in Costa Rica for over 20 years and is well known as an artist for his paintings and sculptures.


In 1999, Gabrielle immersed herself in the Chinese medical practices of Taoist internal/martial art forms by training with Master Chik Quadir Mason , founder of the Spirit Wind Internal Arts Society She received certifications of study in various healing arts such as Kung Fu, Pa-Kua Chang, Tao Yin Yoga Level I & II, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan, in addition to bodywork techniques such as Lin Zi Chi Therapy & Thai Massage, as well as participating in group collaborations, demonstrations & performances. In 2000, she earned her B.A. from Temple University's Department of Theater with an exploratory concentration in dance, music & voice. As an apprentice, Gabrielle was recommended by Sifu Mason to begin teaching his lessons & encouraged to integrate them along with the material she studied as a multi-disciplinary performance artist.

Gabrielle's work as a healing arts practitioner and instructor continues to intersect with her work as an inter-disciplinary performance artist through the incorporation of internal and martial arts forms in combination with dance, poetry and theater presentation (www.plumdragoness.com). Gabrielle is a certified yoga teacher, registered & insured through the Yoga Alliance. She has also studied Ashtanga Yoga with Miko-Doi Smith, Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Vinyasa Yoga with the Rasa School, Yang style T'ai Chi Chuan with Master Yang Jun, Taoist (Yin/Yang) Yoga with Master Pauli Zink & Thai Bodywork with Michael Buck. She facilitates private lessons, group classes/workshops & is available for Thai Bodywork sessions.

For more info please contact LungShen@earthtones.com


The Tao of Yin™

Derive the healing benefits from Yin Yoga with highly praised instructor/ performance artist, Gabrielle de Burke (Casella). In this workshop we will get reacquainted with the wisdom of the inner child while exploring mindful-meditations that reshape patterns in the landscape of the adult practitioners body-temple. Through long-held & restorative poses, energy blockages release by activating meridians (energy pathways in the body), stimulating acupressure points & chakras (energy centers in the body) to promote mobility in the connective or "yin" tissues (ligaments, tendons, & cartilage). Yin yoga will challenge participants in the art of finding stillness… in all aspects of the body, mind & spirit of the practice. Meditate on the poetry of ancient Taoist mystical philosophy being read aloud to practitioners during poses in an effort to resonate w/ the inner chords of our deepest being. This workshop will be accessible to range of experience from beginners to intermediate & advanced practitioners.


Connect with Liana on Facebook

Liana's love affair with yoga began over 15 years ago when her mom handed her a yoga video to help heal a fractured lumbar.  Her dedication to the daily asana practice for three months convinced her of yoga's incredible healing power. Since then, this relationship morphed and evolved in different ways until 2005, when her desire to deepen her own practice led her to get certified through the stellar Dhyana Yoga training in Philadelphia, PA. A practitioner, teacher, and performer for over a decade, her practice is a balance of discipline and playfulness - a medley of Vinyasa Yoga, hoop dance, fire arts, mountain biking, and music.

Liana's has an uncanny ability to gently encourage the beginner student, challenge the seasoned practitioner, and inspire a loving and deep spirit connection.  Her teaching style is a result of how she views life, gracefully accepting the terms upon which the universe operates and genuinely not being troubled by it's paradoxes and injustices.  Her dynamic classes and personal practice are influenced by the incredible teachers she has studied with over the years, such as Sri Andrei Ram, Kofi Busia, Simon Park, Dhyana D'Amato, Marni Sclaroff, Renata Gregori, Sue & Naime Jezzeney, and Dharma Mittra.  She teaches at festivals, events, private and group classes, and last year took her passion abroad to the Peruvian Amazon where she taught for several months while working with plant medicine.  She is currently studying the Jaguar Path, a fusion of Peruvian and Yogic Shamanism.


Shine Your Light, Baby! A Chakra Activating & Balancing Practice

Illuminate the star you are! Through asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation, take a journey through your chakras, the seven energy centers of the body, to find physical and emotional balance, awaken creative energy, relieve stress, feel more whole within, and more united with the world around you.

Lila Vinyasa Bliss: Level 2/3

Lila is a Sanskrit word meaning divine play and celebration of all life. The joyful practice of yoga allows us to gain a greater sense of awareness, appreciation, and celebration for all that we are, and all that surrounds us. Lila Vinyasa Bliss is a fun and artistic vinyasa practice to connect you with your bliss through playful movement. Mindfully transition through mandalas of enlivening heart and hip openers, challenging balances and inversions, invigorating backbends, and delicious twists while reinforcing breath and bandha awareness. Come ride the happy vibe!



Nancy Goodfellow is Pranamar's Yoga director and teacher and she is part of the Pranamar Family that makes this beautiful place home. She began her Yogic studies in the Ashtanga tradition under the guidance of her first teachers, Dominic Corigliano, Tim Miller, and Sri Pattabhi Jois. Following her dream of living a more simple life in deep connection with nature, she moved to Costa Rica and developed a strong self-practice, while continuing to study abroad with many international teachers of various traditions.

Nancy completed her official Yoga Alliance Teacher training with "Yoga Arts" and began teaching in 1998. Nancy has dedicated herself to Anusara's amazing principles of alignment, Tantric philosophy and Bhakti-filled practice. Her teachings are infused with a myriad of elements, which come together to create a highly educational, physically challenging, and deeply soulful experience.

Nancy has been practicing Yoga for nearly 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. She invites everyone to step out of the ordinary and into the EXTRA-ORDINARY pulsation of life within us...come and celebrate, sweat and enjoy the vital energy (Prana) of the sea (mar).


Anusara Inspired Yoga

Join Nancy for her own blend of yoga, inspired by Anusara and Ashtanga.


Bamboo Yoga Play

Blending yoga, dance, somatic guidance, and ritual performance Sofiah Thom creates environments for transformation and self-discovery. Integrating presence and expression, Sofiah combines movement and play in a fusion allowing conscious exploration of the self. Sofiah's mission lies in helping people access their divine beauty, wisdom and power in their bodies, and simply being in her presence one feels her grace, strength and sensuality as she invites you to get out of your head and into your body.

As a daughter of parents who are also healers and teachers, and as an interdisciplinary artist with a degree in Dance Therapy from Naropa University, studies at the Tamalpa Institute in Expressive Healing Arts, and a myriad of trainings in bodywork, Yoga and Dance. As a yogi, the inspiration for her work stems from Tantra and Vinyasa Flow; and her teachings go hand in hand with the alignment principles of Anusara. Sofiah created Embody Grace (which includes no predetermined postures, and is instead a guided journey in movement); Danyasa (a dynamic fusion of dance and yoga); and Bamboo Yoga (a fusion of Vinyasa flow focusing on Sofiah's bamboo principles of alignment). When it comes to dance, Sofiah fuses all of her technique background including ballet, modern, African, Indian and Belly Dance, to create what she calls Temple Fusion Dance.

Today, Sofiah combines dance, yoga, breath work, expressive healing arts and Tantric Buddhism into her work and has appeared as a performing artist and workshop facilitator at International events including the Bali Spirit Festival, Bhakti Fest, Earth Dance, Lightning in a Bottle, and Subud World Congresses, as well as many private workshops around the World for the last 10 years. She has been featured in Yogi Times and Elephant Journal. Sofiah lives and works on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where she and her husband opened Bamboo ~ A Sanctuary for Living Artfully in 2007. She offers classes, workshops and retreats for individuals or groups in yoga, dance and the healing arts, specializing in working with women although her teachings hold something for all, and her clients travel from around the world to undergo what she calls "Graceful Warrior Training's – a modern day rite of passage" under her tutelage.

Attributes of Graceful Warrior:

   Grounded and rooted in oneself
   Know one's own precious value
   Open to receive vital creative life force
   Strong and powerfully connected to the core
   Confident on one's path
   Unified masculine and feminine energies
   Able to withstand adversity
   Armed to cut away that which does not serve
   Open heart and wings to fly towards one's life calling


Embodying the Graceful Warrior Within' ~ Expressive Healing Arts Workshops for Women. In this workshop we will move through exercises in guided movement, drawing, journaling and dialogue to help better understand our own relationship to the archetype of the Graceful Warrior. You will learn how to access and express the resources you need to move through life with courage, confidence, presence and precision. Experience your strong, supple, and sensual body as you ignite your passion, free your mind, and embody grace.

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