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Playa los Cedros in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  Great left-point break.

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Yoga or Meditation at Anamaya in Montezuma

· Health and Lifestyle Workshops· 

During the week we'll offer a daily schedule of numerous workshops, classes and lectures.

Contact Angela if you're interested in leading a workshop: aboltz215@gmail.com


Sacred Films

Caroline Grace Ashurst practices Acupuncture in the Five Element Tradition.  She received her Master's Degree in Acupuncture at the Tai Sophia Institute in Maryland in December 2009.  In March of 2010, she will commence her practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is thrilled to begin working with ~you~.

Caroline specializes in Women's Health, and partners with her clients to personalize each treatment specific to the individual's current needs.  Her treatments go beyond the relief of symptoms; she is committed to facilitating transformational Acupuncture treatments, which empower the individual to be his or her own best health advocate and expert.


Cultivating ~Presence~, Your Priceless Gift to the World! 

Have you ever had the experience with a person or stranger where it felt like he or she looked into your soul and you became moved from the experience...? there may not even have been words to go along with the "communication", but you felt transformed in a deep place? What would the world around you like look like if you brought this very same gift to it?

In the Chinese Elemental Creation Cycle, Fire can be the space that arises in the presence of two people; it is the magic of the third, nameless "presence" that appears.

Each one of us has the innate gift of "presence" to give to one another; it is the ability to really "be" with someone else fully. When there is presence, transformation happens; when there is no agenda except for truly "being", connection that touches your human-ness and platonic intimacy arise.

This workshop creates a safe place for you to practice being present to yourself and to another human being; a hearth where the magic of Fire already within you can come out and play! This workshop can help you find new possibilities in relationships and it can help you be more authentic.

Presence can be can be practiced anywhere, and attained simply and easily.
Presence will leave you enlivened, accessible, open, and free!
Presence allows you to be at one with your true human nature.
Presence can be practiced no matter what your spiritual practice.


Sacred Films

Her multiple talents inlcude : spiritual counseling, massage therapy, cinematography, filmmaking, editing , being an art director, interior designer, graphic artist, choreographer. A classically trained dancer and artist from Germany, Daniela's passions and projects have included event productions, decorations and performances, and making numerous documentariesall around the globe, such as "Voices for equality", "Satsang with Sri Poonjaji in Luchnow". She lives in the San Francisco Bay area and Germany.


Ecstatic Dance and Video Capturing Fusion 

Learn how to capture spontaneous magic moments, being one with the observed. Participants of this workshop are encouraged to contribute footage taken during the MZG to the documentary which will be produced and edited by Daniela after the event.


La Candela

Daniel Gautschi, born march 1962 in switzerland, lives in costa rica since 1991. Practicing and experimenting in a tropical environment. Architecture, design, furniture, sculpture, murals and paintings. A seeker, an artist, a visionaire, a creator who likes to inspire to take the risk to change. A mountain biker & Hang Carrier, who loves the practice of yoga & chi kung as much as Organic Gardening in his mountain retreat La Candela.


Walk of Power and Art 

Experience obstacles as challenging and inspiring, not as disturbing or distracting. Discover new forms to move through life, a practice to stay in shape and stimulate your instincts, to move more creatively and gracefully. Moving workshops starts in Montezuma beach and ends in Playa Grande, leaving artistic traces....suitable for all people that like physical art and excercises.



Life #1 USA- honors, cum laude, BS, MS Psychology Ursinus College, University of Toledo.  Entrepreneur, multiple businesses, 100 hour work-weeks, retirement age 30

Life #2 Costa Rica- writer, dedicated naturalist, owner/steward of one of Costa Rica's largest, most majestic private preserve, seeker of great truths, finder of a few, faithful son of our Mother Earth.


The Art and Discipline of Fasting- Body, Mind and Spirit. 

What do Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Moses, Abraham, Pythagoras and Gandhi all have in common?  Yes, their contributions to humanity touch us all on a nearly daily basis... AND they all pacticed and proselytized the fast!

Join in a discussion of how this most ancient of regimens cleanses the body and clears the mind... giving wings to the spirit. More than just a re-hash of the literature, hear lessons learned over 35 fasting experiences, the last 15 of which between 40 and 77 days.

Whether you are intrigued but inexperienced, or well within your own extensive regimen, please join us!


Spicepharm on Facebook

Co-founder and Chief Spice Geek of Spice Pharm, Kitty Wells is a life-long explorer of whole foods and traditional healing. Growing up on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains , she learned to grow and preserve food and explored the beauty of the temperate rain forest. She left for the media mecca of New York City and delved into the culture and cuisine of the urban jungle. Pulled westward to San Francisco and Silicon Valley , she embarked on a 20-year career on the leading edge of global technology. She has traveled extensively in the spice cultures of Asia, the Mediterranean and the melting pots of the Americas , and has mastered the fine art of many global cuisines. Following a path of greater health and wellness led her to creating Spice Pharm. She now creates effective, delicious all-natural formulas to support health and well-being, combining the ambrosial flavors, intoxicating aromas and potent phytonutrients of spices from around the world. Follow her on Twitter @TheSpiceGeek; learn more at www.spicepharm.com


Ethnobotanicals: Nature's Elixers 

From the splendor of tropical rainforests come some of nature's most powerful medicines: spices. Superstars of nature's apothecary, nothing in the plant world can rival the many medicinal properties of spices. Used for millennia in Ayurvedic, Chinese and other ancient medical traditions, modern scientists are unlocking their secrets in scores of modern research studies.

Join Kitty to learn how they work, how to use them, and which ones to use to help protect your body from free radical damage, provide anti-aging benefits, help speed up metabolism, relieve aches and pains of exercise and exertion, protect the skin, lower and stabilize blood sugar, protect the liver from excessive alcohol consumption, and even affect the expression of certain genes.

We'll share and experience spices grown on the only Demeter-Certified Biodynamic farm in Costa Rica . Biodynamic agriculture emphasizes holistic concepts, going beyond organic agriculture for maximum sustainability, including adding medicinal plants to compost heaps and harnessing the earth's and the moon's energy to make plants healthier.


Krista Hand studied the Enneagram with Don Riso and Russ Hudson, founders of the Enneagram Institute (Part I, II, and III Trainings; April 2009 in CA, November 2009 and March 2010 in NY respectively), completed Ginger Lapid-Bogda's "Coaching with the Enneagram Certificate Program" (August 2010), and attended a workshop, The Inner Flow of The Enneagram, with Sandra Maitri, author of The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram (August 2010). She has also completed an intensive workshop, Personal Mastery, with Learning as Leadership (March 2010). This workshop has executives and leaders learn how to communicate more effectively by exploring how their egos may hinder their efforts.

In addition, Krista is a Co-Active Life Coach and has completed all the courses offered by the Coaches Training Institute (2001), and assists the facilitators for many of their workshops.


The Enneagram: A Model of Human Personality 

The Enneagram Workshop is a dynamic place for delving into our greatness. It is a Self-Discovery Playground primarily using the Enneagram and experiential exercises - colorful, kinesthetic, and interactive. Creativity, movement, dyads and sharing are highlighted.The intention is that participants take away an empowering understanding of their natural strengths and gifts. Let's get to really know and appreciate those and make them work for us. Let's make those strengths and gifts shine in our everyday lives! We also touch on the red-flag habits that we get stuck in, that dull the shine - and how absolutely urgent and essential it is that we free ourselves from our treadmill habits so that we let our strengths and gifts improve our lives and those around us.


Sarah Wu is the current Educational Director and On Site Manager of the Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education. She leads projects and workshops in nutrition, wholistic cooking and herbal medicine….

Prior to arrival at Punta Mona, Sarah was in the organic food world, handling sales for over 125 of the industry leaders in various territories, independent and large accounts on the East Coast. She also managed East then West Coast sales for Kopali Organics, a fair trade, triple bottom line brand, which supports small farming cooperatives in over 7 developing nations on 4 continents.

Sarah has been an herbalist for 10 years, formally studied Traditional Chinese and Cherokee Plant Medicine with American Herbalist Guild founder, David Winston at Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine in Washington, NJ from 2006-2008. Sarah currently practices and teaches Planetary Energetic

and Wise Woman Tradition herbal medicine with a focus on food based healing. She is an avid naturalist, endangered plant advocate and environmentalist with a deep understanding of the complexities of sustainable living, transitional ethics and positive movement towards a more sustainable and evolved future.

Sarah has over 10 years formal training in the fine arts, holds a degree in Art History from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, with a focus on Visual Culture, the interaction of people with their visual environment, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2004. She taught visual arts to toddlers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and was a part of an educational art activist program at The Art Sanctuary in Northern Philadelphia, supporting out reach, artistic and personal development for at risk youth.

Sarah for 4 years did styling for various makeup artists, clothing and accessory designers, has done print and TV modeling. Sarah is a pencil and pen & ink illustrator of primarily in situ botanical themes and surreal floral goddess motifs and is an overall crafty woman….

Sarah studied and practiced Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling for the past 5 years and has integrated this mode of communication and listening skills in her everyday life.

Dedicated to education and practical sustainable living, Sarah is moving toward her next degree in Ethnobotany, specializing in food, culture and traditional plant medicine.


Medicinal Plant Walk 


Stephen Brooks has been living in Punta Mona, Costa Rica since 1995. Stephen was inspired to make a positive impact on the planet started Costa Rican Adventures, an educational eco-tour company striving to raise environmental awareness. Brooks identified the problems facing small farmers and communities in Central America and Costa Rica and wanted to present possible solutions. Punta Mona, founded in 1997 grows over 200 varieties of tropical fruits, nuts and spices, produces all its electrical needs from solar panels and obtains methane gas from the septic system to fuel the kitchen. Thousands of students, interns and guests have been educated at Punta Mona over the past 14 years, and the site has become known as a world leader in tropical, sustainable agriculture and sustainable living techniques.

In 2003, Stephen founded the Sustainable Solutions Caravan, a mission-driven, nonprofit organization promoting sustainable living through the use of alternative fuels. Caravaning through Central America, Brooks and his team touched millions of lives through personal contact, front-page newspaper articles and countless international news programs.

In 2005, Stephen co-founded Kopali Organics, a company, which sources and develops sustainable, organic products from small farms and small farm cooperatives around the world and is distributed through out the United States.

Translating his knowledge of alternative fuel into action, Stephen was the cofounder of the Conscious Goods Alliance, which traveled the country as an eco showroom featuring coconut floors, bamboo paneling, natural latex cushions covered in hemp, recycled paper countertops, an alcohol fueled stove and solar panels providing electricity. The bus brought together fourteen conscious companies as sponsors, working together to promote "Conscious Capitalism."

In 2006, Stephen envisioned and co-founded Kopali Communities, an ultra ecological developer and builder of planned communities in Costa Rica. The first project, Eco-Villa Kopali, is a 45-acre community featuring a slow sand filtered water supply system, "Living Systems" waste disposal, alternative energies and permaculture and organic food supplies.

In 2007 Stephen also founded the Tacotal Eco-Village, a Permaculture based community of 33 families, homesteading their way to a more sustainable future. The inhabitants feature artists, healers, builders, activists and farmers from 5 different countries.

Stephen's passion lies in seeking more sustainable ways to live our daily lives without compromising quality of life. He is also passionate about cooking and eating unusual and exotic foods and he specializes in tropical fruit trees.


Introduction to Permaculture 


Since an early age, her spiritual calling was strong and her ability to feel deeply was stronger. Blind to mundane endeavors, she committed herself to her spiritual path into self awareness and has been of service and inspiration for many upon her path and worldwide travels. She channels creative energy in many forms and is a certified Yoga Instructor, a Raw Living Foods Chef, Fire Dancer, and Spiritual Musician. She aspires to live sustainably and in deeper harmony with the earth and has permanently left the US to bring this to fruition in Costa Rica.


Holographic Mirror Activity- The Spiritual Practice of Eye Gazing 

It has been stated, "The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul." One of the most powerful tools to self awareness is the practice of intentional Eye Gazing. The most extraordinary account of the practice of eye gazing can be traced to the meeting that occurred between the renowned Sufi poet Rumi and a wandering seeker named Shams-i Tabriz. Out of the explosion that occurred through Rumi's Gazing with Shams, a portal was opened within Rumi and he began to write the poetry he is known and loved for today.

When we awaken to the truth that we are all One, we recognize everyone as another aspect of ourselves. We are all sacred mirrors!

Experience this transformational practice with others who will serve as your 'mirrors' and reflect back to you what you must recognize. Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to seeing the truth of your being in a safe, loving environment and see what portals can be opened with you!

Food as a Path to Awareness
Conscious Eating and High Vibe Foods
Sacred Cacao Ceremony

The Art of Conscious Eating is an inward journey into learning how to nourish your particular body temple with harmony and awareness. It is a path of using food as your source of Life Force, or Prana,and converting it into the energy that you require to create, be active, feel good, be clear minded, and thrive!

Reconnect with your body's wisdom and choose foods that will support and nourish you, not foods that will rob your energy and keep you from unleashing the powerful creator your are!

Learn about the importance of eating local, fresh organic foods and raw living foods. Feel the difference when you bless your food and eat it consciously. Know the difference between hunger and emotional cravings.

Enjoy the experience of nourishing your body temple with others and turn unconscious eating to a loving offering to your body- the vehicle of your Soul! Activity includes a lecture, group discussion and a Sacred Cacao (Chocolate) Ceremony!!!

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