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Playa los Cedros in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  Great left-point break.

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Joseph fire dancing at Anamaya in Montezuma, Costa Rica

· Fire Dancing Workshops· 

During the week we'll offer a daily schedule of numerous workshops, classes and lectures.

Contact Angela if you're interested in leading a workshop: aboltz215@gmail.com

Fire Dance Skill Workshops:


Eli began his performance career at a young age when his parents enrolled him in dance and theater classes.  He then spent several years augmenting his skills and talents studying martial arts, juggling and mastering the unicycle.  After years of hard work and training, Eli's skills crossed over to the fire arts when he joined the Costa Rican performance troop Fuego Tribal.  The group criss-crossed Costa Rica several times over, stunning crowds with their high energy shows using poi, clubs, staff, devil sticks and other eye-catching toys.  Eli then moved to Montezuma, burning up the streets until joining forces with La Escuela Del Sol. 

"Paz , amor, fuego y arte. " ~Eli


Devil Stick Manipulation (All Levels)

The Devil Stick, originating as a Chinese folk game over 400 years ago, is known by a number of other names such as a flower stick, stunt stick or rhythm stick. (each is slightly different, but perform largely the same purpose which is to dance under the control of your handsticks.) Come explore this ancient art, whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your skills. All possible uses of the devil stick will be highlighted: balancing, using only one hand-stick or two centre sticks, partner work and advanced tricks such as spins, propellers, and curls.


Fire Eating Video

Fusion has been performing and teaching various fire dancing skills since 1999, when he first learned the fire arts as part of the Seattle troupe "Pyrosutra". Fusion currently lives in the Montezuma/Malpais area of Costa Rica, and is one of the founders of The Montezuma Gathering, and an owner of Anamaya.


Beginners Fire Eating

This class is open to experienced fire dancers only, who are already skilled in at least one fire art and are now looking to add fire eating to their repertoire of skills. We will start with the two most important rules of fire dancing, as originally taught by Tabasco: 1) If it hurts, you're doing it wrong, and 2) Never inhale and then learn simple tricks, the right types of fuels to use, etc. I've watched most of the "how to fire eat" videos on youtube and ALL of them that I've seen are full of basic errors, and these will be corrected.

Advanced Fire Eating Workshop

A workshop for experienced fire eaters who want to learn the most advanced skills and tricks, such as how to eat fire in the wind, jumps, mini-blast, various combinations of fire holds, and tricks that will sometimes burn you but are worth it.


La Escuela del Sol

Jeremy picked up fire poi the first time he saw it in Thailand and burned himself badly.  That just taught him his first lesson... "Don't drink and spin!"  Years later, and much the wiser, he would open up La Escuela Del Sol, a fire poi, yoga, surfing, Spanish and scuba certification school in Montezuma, Costa Rica and teach fire poi to hundreds of students. Since hanging up the regular teaching gig, Jeremy has collaborated with Nick Woolsey, Alien Jon, Zan Moore and others to bring fire poi workshops to Central America and he continues to perform at weddings and special events.


Intro to Poi Spinning

This workshop will give students the foundation they need to start learning poi and the confidence to start practicing alone. In this workshop we will go over the fundamentals of poi – planes, cross points, turning, speeds, as well as some basic moves.



Fei-Cha Manipulation for Staff

Fei-Cha is a Flying Fork used since the Jing Imperial Court's when official performers utilized a wide variety of skills which were derived from traditional martial art practice. The performance consists on rolling the weapon using the

most parts of the body. For this we adapt this technique to research new contact improve on different kind of staff, devil stick, medium staff, long, dralion and power staff, also is able to research with typical objects for personification such as cleaning material.



KaytiBunny is a one-of-a-kind character – an engaging hoopdancer, a dynamic teacher of the fire and circus arts, and most of all a driven entrepreneur in the fitness and performance world. Touring the US and the world, KaytiBunny is opening the world of fire and circus arts to people all over the globe. She strives to empower people of all ages to engage their bodies in a fun and effective workout using creativity. With her powerhouse personality and optimistic, positive approach to teaching, she is dedicated to transforming lives and making a positive difference in each individual's mind, body and soul.

In order to impact others on such a great level, KaytiBunny's life is dedicated to modeling how a strong, creative individual can be happy and healthy in their 1) career 2) diet and nutrition 3) relationships 4) spirituality and 5) fitness and exercise…. all through creative exercise! KaytiBunny turns a belief into a passion, through her motivating classes, mesmerizing performances, and custom BunnyHoops, that passion holds the key to improving so many others' lives! KaytiBunny specializes in multiple Hula Hoop, but combines poi, staff, fire fans, fire eating and breathing, bellydance, burlesque and various forms of movement (hiphop, ballet, middle eastern, tai chi, free form, cheerleading, etc) to create a unique form of dynamic dance that only this bubbly Bunny can do.


Beginners Hoop

The basics of learning to hoop dance.

Into the Whirled of Multiple Hoops

Using two hoops and more! In this fun and challenging workshop, experienced hoopers will go over how to spin with two body hoops, hand hoops and even more hoops! Half of the workshop is dedicated to on-the-body hooping and splitting and the second half is hand hooping with twins. The end of the workshop covers building flowers and Native American spirit animals out of 4+ hoops to connect you to your own spirit hoop animal! Get ready to take it to the next step!


Playpoi Website

Nick Woolsey of Canada synthesizes Poi with Yoga and Tai Chi to explore the relationship between mind and body and the creative impulse. Through his artistic and instructional videos, forays into the world, and collaborations with other respected artists, he has become a cult-celebrity in the global fire-spinning community.  A world-class performer, he combines technical skill with inspired artistic vision.  He has traveled to over 20 countries to teach workshops and host international retreats, sharing the art of poi with thousands of enthusiasts, from novice to near-jedi. He sees poi as a meta-tool for understanding other movement and body art modalities. "They are like little zen masters," he says, "like yoda in Star Wars, only smaller and on strings."

Global-Fusion Play Poi & Fire Dance Workshop

Poi is a form of dance where weights are swung through rhythmical patterns. It originates with the Maori people of New Zealand and was spread throughout the world by the more recent art of fire dancing. Outside of New Zealand poi enthusiasts have looked to other arts and disciplines for ideas and inspiration including Juggling, Indian Club Swinging, Martial Arts, and Dance. Global fusion poi is an evolving art form, varying widely between regions and practitioners.

Nick Woolsey offers his own fusion of Yoga and Tai Chi principles applied to the framework of Poi. The practice involves building strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle memory for cross-body rhythmic coordination, circular stepping, line extension, and pattern variation.  This practice effectively removes blocks from the "flow" of spontaneous expression and the interpretation of music.


The Scales of Poi

The Scales of Poi is a series of exercises and explorations examining the skills required to dance freely and expressively with poi. Most of these exercises are simple in concept, surprisingly challenging, and well worth the time! Subjects will include plane control, perception of space, rhythm, body alignment, and creative expression.

Global-Fusion Play Poi & Fire Dance Workshop

He will also be offering "poi gardens" during the evening concerts where practitioners of all levels can play and receive feedback.


For Chris the discovery of poi and the spinning arts was a life altering event. From going nowhere to a life of travel an adventure, the friendships and opportunities Chris has gained through spinning and fire performance have been the driving force that has made him who he is today. In his career as a professional circle maker Chris has taught workshops all over the United States, gained a bit of notoriety in the internet spinning community, performed at countless music festivals to some of his favorite musical acts, and has met some of the most inspiring people to ever come into his life. Currently living and performing full time in the Virgin Islands his love of sharing these arts with others, be it on stage or as a teacher, grows more with every passing day.


Silly* Poi Tricks (All Levels)

It's not all about the fire, well maybe for you it is but that's not what this workshop is about. The focus of this class will be moves, tricks, and techniques that are outside the realm of normal spinning. How often do you use your feet to manipulate your poi? Is grabbing the poi heads and spinning the handles anathema to you?  When is the last time you caught your poi on your neck? If you answered any of those questions at all then you might want to consider taking this class.   *warning: not all tricks are guaranteed to be silly


La Escuela del Sol

Andrea has the rhythm in her blood! This girl, originally from Bogota (Colombia), has been dancing to all kinds of music, including commercials, since she was in the womb. She has been an aerobics, merengue and salsa instructor, the last one being her favorite rhythm. Andrea entered into the poi world 4 years ago and brings to this fire art a tasty Latin mixture of swaying hips and circling flames. A Yoga lover with all the tools for maintaining an active, healthy body, Andrea will take you to a Latin atmosphere full of smiles, wiggling hips and succulent stretches.

Andrea tiene el baile en su sangre! Esta chica originaria de Bogotá (Colombia) baila todo tipo de música, incluyendo anuncios comerciales, desde que estaba en el vientre materno. Ha sido instructora de danza aeróbica, merengue y salsa, siendo este ultimo su ritmo favorito. Entro en el mundo del poi hace 4 años y hace de este arte del fuego una sabrosa mezcla latina entre contoneo de caderas y círculos en llamas. Amante del yoga y de todos los beneficios de mantener un cuerpo activo para la salud, Andrea te llevara a un ambiente latino lleno de sonrisas, meneo de caderas y suculentos estiramientos.


Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...


Srikanta's Website

From his first burn on the beaches of his home town of Santa Cruz California in the year 2000, Srikanta Barefoot has over 10 years of diversified experience with fire dance & has traveled the world as a professional fire dancer & teacher. Considered a pioneer in the fire arts, he has combined a lifetime of experience as an actor, dancer & a natural talent for object manipulation to create an energetic, expressive & acrobatic style of fire dance that is entirely unique. As a self-taught fire artist, he combines a variety of influences, including capoeira, modern dance, tumbling & other martial arts into his art.

As the first contemporary fire artist featured by the Cirque du Soleil, Srikanta worked for three years (2007-2010) as the fire coach, fire choreographer & featured fire artist in Cirque's largest fire production to date. As a coach, he taught over 20 acrobats & dancers with no previous fire experience to participate in his act & directed the one-year apprenticeship of the back-up fire artist. As a fire choreographer, he worked in conjunction with directors, coaches & choreographers to design the group performance & independently created & continuously adapted his own choreography as the featured fire artist in the 5-minute act.

Having completed over 800 shows in ZAIA, Srikanta chose not to renew his contract with Cirque du Soleil, in favor of pursuing his art beyond the ZAIA Theater. He is now traveling & sharing his art with the world, both through performance & workshops. He takes great joy in sharing his knowledge of the fire arts with other motivated & dedicated individuals. His wholesome & light-hearted approach to learning allows every student the space to learn & experiment at their own pace, while maintaining a cohesive & fun environment.



Join former Cirque du Soleil artist Srikanta Barefoot for this fun & engaging workshop, in which participants will be challenged to make rhythms using various body parts. Srikanta is trained in both Brazillian & Romanaian body percussion & has designed his own playful format for learning. No previous experience is required.


Instruments of the Now

Zan started performing in South America on tour with his brother Noah, and continues to burn with the same inspired passion as in the beginning. His training has led him far and wide, through twenty countries and across the disciplines of spinning, dance, juggling, music, yoga, circus, martial arts, and acrobatics. Zan's specialty is dazzling fire performances, though he thrives on the challenge of a unique performance for each event, be it day or night. Whatever the occasion, Zan delivers pure entertainment with unforgettable class, style, and grace.

Known for his expertise in the theory and technique of poi and staff spinning, Zan has given workshops around the U.S. and abroad. Producing and directing the instructional poi DVD series 'The Encyclo-Poi-dia,' sparked his interest in video production, a pursuit which continues to evolve into web videos, documentaries, and DVD creation. In 2007 and 2008, Zan was involved with Tour Now & Then, a non-profit circus project that brought motivational performance to audiences across North America.



This class will explore some basic manipulations of the staff, and combine them with the movement and expressions of our own bodies. Expect to learn some tricks, and also to spend some class time exploring your own flow with them.

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