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Playa los Cedros in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  Great left-point break.

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Yoga or Meditation at Anamaya in Montezuma

· Circus, Dance, and Music Workshops· 

During the week we'll offer a daily schedule of numerous workshops, classes and lectures.

Contact Angela if you're interested in leading a workshop: aboltz215@gmail.com


Alexandra wil be teaching aerial silk at Anamaya during the gathering.


Aerial Silk Dance for Beginners and Intermediates 

Beginners aerial silk classes to be held at Anamaya.


In 1999, Gabrielle immersed herself in the Chinese medical practices of Taoist internal/martial art forms by training with Master Chik Quadir Mason , founder of the Spirit Wind Internal Arts Society She received certifications of study in various healing arts such as Kung Fu, Pa-Kua Chang, Tao Yin Yoga Level I & II, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan, in addition to bodywork techniques such as Lin Zi Chi Therapy & Thai Massage, as well as participating in group collaborations, demonstrations & performances. In 2000, she earned her B.A. from Temple University's Department of Theater with an exploratory concentration in dance, music & voice. As an apprentice, Gabrielle was recommended by Sifu Mason to begin teaching his lessons & encouraged to integrate them along with the material she studied as a multi-disciplinary performance artist.

Gabrielle's work as a healing arts practitioner and instructor continues to intersect with her work as an inter-disciplinary performance artist through the incorporation of internal and martial arts forms in combination with dance, poetry and theater presentation (www.plumdragoness.com). Gabrielle is a certified yoga teacher, registered & insured through the Yoga Alliance. She has also studied Ashtanga Yoga with Miko-Doi Smith, Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Vinyasa Yoga with the Rasa School, Yang style T'ai Chi Chuan with Master Yang Jun, Taoist (Yin/Yang) Yoga with Master Pauli Zink & Thai Bodywork with Michael Buck. She facilitates private lessons, group classes/workshops & is available for Thai Bodywork sessions.

For more info please contact LungShen@earthtones.com



Be encouraged in this workshop to find your groove by embodying spiritual movement through liquefied flows, freezes, floor-work patterns, Old-school hip-hop & traditional tribal folk stomp explorations. Emphasis is placed on synchronizing breath with the practices of finding stillness in meditation, flowing thru performing choreographic movement investigations and listening to the inner beat of variety of world-music sound-scape infused inspirations. Participants may identify the common threads woven throughout the fabric of different healing movements & therapeutic dance forms, thus allowing them to explore original choreography that has a unique flavor, while practicing the art of being fully engaged in ones physical, mental & spiritual being. Exercises can be modified to fit the individual person's level of flexibility while suited for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners & all lovers of dance at any stage. This method promotes internalizing yogic persuasions and dance meditations in motion with martial movement. It offers an innovative fusion of healing & performing arts forms from diverse cultural disciplines.


Ireni Stamou was born in Greece where traditional music and dances were an important and integral part of her dance experience.

At the age of nine, Ireni studied ballet in The Grands Ballet Canadian , as well as jazz and modern at the Bejart based school Pointepienu in Montreal, where her family moved. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Contemporary dance from Concordia University , Montreal and was awarded the prize for most outstanding choreography in 1987.

Ireni´s work expanded to film and television; she choreographed for the television documentary A Cine Qua Non Film Production on the composer's life Ravel . She also appeared acting in the film Invention d´amour that premiered at the Montreal International Film Festival in 1999

Ireni Stamou discovered Costa Rica with an invitation to pursue her research at Estudio Los Almendros , in 2000. Return invitations resulted in the choreographies Odyssia , 3 Etudes , N.O.W. (Necessary, open ,wonder), and Abstract of Desire . Ireni performed at the World dance Alliance in San Jose. Ireni collaborated and performed¨ in the video creation ¨ The Spirit of Athena¨ directed by Diane Carriere and filmed in location in the southern Nicoya Peninsula.

Ireni is a Certified Yoga teacher and is founder of the ECO BODY LIVING workshops and retreats in Costa Rica,bringing the yoga practice and dance directly in nature. She offered Bodywork at Montezuma Yoga retreats, and is guest teacher of her own yoga dance fusion style at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, and at Rio Shanti, Monteverdi. In 2010 Ireni bridges her talents as dancer and choreographer, yoga teacher and bodyworker between Costa Rica and Canada.

Stamou Dance Website


Site Specific Performance:

Using the natural environment as a theatrical landscape, Ireni presents a living choreography where ritual , dreams,spoken word and feminine archtypes reveal a transformative and passionate performance !


Maiz is a gypsy traveler who lives completely from his artwork. For the past ten years he has been journeying through Latin America performing music and spinning fire in various artist collectives. It was through music that he got his first chance to be in a circus caravan composing for the different acts. From there, doors opened in many directions and he went on to train and perform with these different circus groups:

Conscious Circus - Mexico
Circus of Penance - Bogota, Colombia
Handmade Circus - Switzerland / Colombia
Circo Vivo - Costa Rica
Circo Teatro, Same as Yesterday - Medellin, Colombia
Planeta Bizarro - Chile / Costa Rica

Maiz was also instructed by various Latin American theater companies such as Arge (Soul) - the multidisciplinary troupe for dance and theater with the National University of Costa Rica (UNA) and La Casa de Los Tres Mundos (The house of three worlds) in Granada, Nicaragua. This knowledge helps to enhance his presence when creating theater and circus performance in the street.

The power of stones and crystals inspire Maiz on his journey, and he borrows them to create dynamic pieces of jewelry. He works in the techniques of macrame and filigrana (metal work). Selling his artwork on the street is an important part of every day. Expression is liberation.


The Numerology of Juggling

The essence of this workshop is to journey beyond what is immediately visible in juggling. As a group we will look into the codes that exist within juggling movements. We can understand these codes through Numerology.

Numerology is the logic that gives meaning to the art of juggling. The codes are written in the movements, patterns, and figures drawn by any object that is released into the air - with conscious coordination. This is the mathematics behind juggling, so you can decode the tricks in order to learn and process. You will also be able to formulate your own tricks by using this method to understand juggling.

In this workshop we will seek to process knowledge through muscle memory. Muscle memory is having complete awareness of the energy pulses generated by the body, utilized in the practice of juggling, breathe awareness, force, gravity and balance.


Srikanta's Website

From his first burn on the beaches of his home town of Santa Cruz California in the year 2000, Srikanta Barefoot has over 10 years of diversified experience with fire dance & has traveled the world as a professional fire dancer & teacher. Considered a pioneer in the fire arts, he has combined a lifetime of experience as an actor, dancer & a natural talent for object manipulation to create an energetic, expressive & acrobatic style of fire dance that is entirely unique. As a self-taught fire artist, he combines a variety of influences, including capoeira, modern dance, tumbling & other martial arts into his art.

As the first contemporary fire artist featured by the Cirque du Soleil, Srikanta worked for three years (2007-2010) as the fire coach, fire choreographer & featured fire artist in Cirque's largest fire production to date. As a coach, he taught over 20 acrobats & dancers with no previous fire experience to participate in his act & directed the one-year apprenticeship of the back-up fire artist. As a fire choreographer, he worked in conjunction with directors, coaches & choreographers to design the group performance & independently created & continuously adapted his own choreography as the featured fire artist in the 5-minute act.

Having completed over 800 shows in ZAIA, Srikanta chose not to renew his contract with Cirque du Soleil, in favor of pursuing his art beyond the ZAIA Theater. He is now traveling & sharing his art with the world, both through performance & workshops. He takes great joy in sharing his knowledge of the fire arts with other motivated & dedicated individuals. His wholesome & light-hearted approach to learning allows every student the space to learn & experiment at their own pace, while maintaining a cohesive & fun environment.



Join former Cirque du Soleil artist Srikanta Barefoot for this fun & engaging workshop, in which participants will be challenged to make rhythms using various body parts. Srikanta is trained in both Brazillian & Romanaian body percussion & has designed his own playful format for learning. No previous experience is required.



Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Xande has been profoundly influenced from the contrast of the urban and traditional, social injustice, and diversity found in South America's largest city. His early inspiration was from listening to the sounds of Popular Brazilian Music (MPB) and later hip-hop and electronica in the late 80s when he relocated to New York. It was in New York that Xande commenced his project, the Batukis, as an Afro-Brazilian percussive based group, bringing the rhythms of Brazil to the US. Xande has performed as a percussionist with samba schools, touring Japan and South Korea, as well as with Brazilian pop bands, African drum ensembles, dance troupes and theatrical productions.

With a sound as rich and diverse as his native São Paulo, XANDE (pr. shan-ji) CRUZ adeptly blends urban and traditional, colors and sounds, together in a soulful way like none other. The music defies genres by mixing afro-Brazilian percussion rhythms with turntables and samples, funk guitars, bass, drums, horns with Portuguese vocals. Cruz's passionate melodies carry subtle hints of influences from MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), electronic, hip-hop and reggae while fluidly blending various traditional Brazilian percussive modes to create an original sound that gets everyone dancing.


Afro-Brazilian Percussion 

No experience or instruments necessary but you are encouraged to bring your own. The Brazilian rhythms of samba, pagode, forro, ijexa, baião, maracatu, samba reggae and more may be explored! At the end, we will have an introduction and a greater understanding of these rhythms and play together in a culmination of what we learned. Instruments you may learn to use include but are not limited to the surdo, conga, pandeiro, berimbau, agogo, recoreco, repenique and the two instruments you carry with you always, your hands and your voice.

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