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Playa los Cedros in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  Great left-point break.

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Montezuma Coastline looking south towards Cabuya

· Music - DJs· 

Local and international DJs, musicians, and other performance artists are encouraged to participate. Below is a list of DJs who have so far committed to come down to Montezuma to rock our little corner of paradise.

Contact Angela if you're interested in participating: aboltz215@gmail.com



House, Tech-house, Tribal House, Deep House, Jacking House

Davidson Ospina is not new to the club scene, nor is he an old timer hanging on to his rep. He is a musician in every sense of the word. He embraces technology with the same enthusiasm that he produces music since his early teens. His resume as a producer, remixer, and keyboard session player includes Jocelyn Brown, Slyk 130, Chanelle, Black Fras, Gusto, Rochelle Fleming, Arnold Jarvis, Bad Boy Orch Randy Crawford, Full Intention, Dimitri From Paris, Grandmaster Flash, Beyonce, Sebastian Fiebak, Jake Childs, Cabin Fever.

His diverse talent has led to a career doing everything from playing keyboards for Grammy Winner David Morales, to running his label Ospina Digital, to becoming a world class DJ in his own right. A favorite of major label A&R men looking for a club edge for rnb and pop artists, his hits include the #1 Billboard chart-topping remix of Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man", as well as reconstructions for Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and many others.The biggest DJs in the world, from Roger Sanchez to Frankie Knuckles are playing his mixes.

His 2 current 2011 hits include remixes for Susu Bobien "I Got My Pride" & his Original Production Davidson Ospina Ft. MJ White "Well Of Love".


House with strong electro, tech, and progressive leanings.

DJ Everyday was first introduced to dance music during the 1990's electronica explosion. A drummer by trade, Everyday heard his first electronic track in 1995 and began DJing parties in 1997 and producing tracks in 1999.

As a touring DJ, Everyday has appeared in hundreds of clubs, concerts, festivals, and parties between both coasts and around the world. In addition, he has played alongside the likes of Orbital, Bassnectar, Deadmau5, King Britt, MSTRKRFT, The Prodigy, and More. Other notable performances include the Burning Man festival 2007, 2008 & 2009. DJ TIMES American's Best DJ Tour (Philly) and Camp Bisco 7.

Check him out at www.djeveryday.com


Latin, deep house, house, tech house, techno

Don Pedro's  first contact with electronic music was in Vienna in 1992, were he used to play at the Cafe Brauneis. He went to school with famous Austrian DJ and producer Richard Dorfmeister , from the famous Austrian duo Kruder & Dorfmeister- G-Stone Records, after they released there first album  Don Pedro got inspired by them and got deep into electronic music. Since then he is a passionate electronic music DJ. Don Pedro moved in the early years to C.R where for the last 10 years he hosted the famous Santa Teresa Full Moon party and played at different clubs and events in Costa Rica. He brought and played with Dj's from all over the world like G-Stone crew members as MC Sugar B and DJ Urbs, Dj Soumezberger from Alian Entertainment Vienna, Dj Hubbitz from weekend Club Berlin, Dj Malte from Movinsounds Ibiza, Xavi Fuchs – Zulu Lounge, Mathew Barnabe from Bar 25 Berlin,Diego Lopez from C..R Peter mostly plays in ,Costa Rica, Panama , Brazil and Austria. Don Pedro is famous for his beautiful Latin Tech House sets which fits well with the tropical beach ambience, but he also plays deep house, house , tech house  &techno depending on place and crowd



World Beat, Ethno-Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Tribal

"I spin to sync up with your mind...your body follows...a connection flows between your chakras... ecstatic experiences . "

DJ Feral recent set at Sea of Dreams New Year's Eve combined his mixing skills with the vocals of talented rap artist Shameless Heather. For 2011, Feral will be appearing with other great DJ talents such as Cheb i Sabbah, Jef Stott, Karsh Kale, Dragonfly, as well as Festivals including Hookahdome @ Burning Man, Harmony and Montezuma Gathering. Feral mixes transform the dance-floor using organic elements of voice, percussion with Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin, and African instruments and rhythms. He fuses these with bhangra, electronic beats, breaks, bass, and ethno-dubstep. San Francisco Bay Area appearances include Hookahdome, Sea of Dreams NYE , Axis Mundi, Anon Salon, Decompression, Precompression, Burnal Equinox, Superhero Street Fair, Love Parade, Shockra, and more. Check him out and download tunes at www.djferal.com


Deep House, House, Tech-House, Tribal & Techno

Lee Mayjahs? represents a new breed of DJ. As possibilities continue to expand and genres multiply, the whole idea of DJing has evolved to a point no one could have predicted. Lee Mayjahs? is not merely a DJ, but rather, an artist who creates an environment through both sound and dynamic imagery. Those who have witnessed a Lee Mayjahs? DJ set will attest that it's nearly a spiritual experience.

Having religiously attended Burning Man since 1999, Mayjahs? became one of the original founders of "The Philadelphia Experiment" (PEX). Essentially, this project brings together people from all lifestyles into one local Philadelphia-based Burning Man community. Growing in numbers exponentially, there are now several huge Philadelphia Experiment parties occurring throughout the year. These events are infamous for marrying solid beat driven music with various performance artists and specially themed attractions. Mayjahs? also spins at various Burning Man related events throughout the country.   



Lina Luv (Caroline Grace Ashurst) is committed to bringing people together through transformation, love and music. Lina Luv started dj'ing in 1998, and since then her music has been traversing genres and cultures. Currently, her sounds seem to dance between the rhythms of disco, house, funk, soul, Balkan, Afrobeat, and Latin.

Lina Luv currently djs for the infamous PEX community events as well as the all-female Philadelphia fire troupe, SCORCH. Listen to her latest mix recorded live at Pexfest 2010 (hosted by RVA magazine): LINA LUV MIX

Overarching her love of music, Lina Luv is in love with life, and expresses that through her joyful expression of her healing arts practice (Acupuncture), facilitating transformational workshops, enjoying nature, cooking, traveling, reading, writing, and creating when and where she can!


House, Tech-house, Tribal House

Co Founder Of Big Open Air Festivals In Ibiza (Art Party) 1000 To 3000 Visitors) - Dj Ing A Lot In Ibiza And Abroad For Psycedelic-Trance And Chill-Out Venues.(Southamerica, Europe) - Started First Music Projects With Lenny Ibizarre In 1997 (Morphogenetix) With Some Successful Releases On T.I.P. Blue Flame, Ibizarre Etc - 1997 Founder Of Small Ibiza Based Distribution For Hard To Find And Ibiza Related Music, Specialised On Chill, Trance And World Products - Dj Ing Residency On The Radio Dance Fm (Cadena Cien Ibiza), Global Radio Ibiza (97.6), Digitally Imported Internet Radio (Usa), Big Fm (Germany).

Residency For Over 8 Years In Famous Kumharas Sunset Bar With Chilled Out Down Tempo Mixes - Played Finest Dance Down Tempo Very Successful In Places Like Space Opening 2005, Magnum Festival Polen, Creamfields, Camp Electric And Mtv Festival 2002 Ibiza Compiler Of The Kumharas Compilations And Third Party Cds - Co Producing With Lenny Ibizarre, Juan Verdera, Greg Krarup (Solid World) - Ing-El-Mar / Ingmarlo (Levitation, Sunstars, Movin Sounds Ibiza) Etc. - Part Of The Movin Sounds Ibiza Universe With Projects Like Real-Xs And - Antistatic With Succesfull Releases On: Sony, Warner, Ultravista, Greenheartmusic - And Many Others

Check Out Our Webpage @ Www.Movinsounds.Com - Actual Remixes Of Henry Mancini (Baby Elephant Etc.), Levitation (More Than Ever People) Etc.


The myterious Mr Black, from Italy, has for many years been Montezuma's resident DJ. Previously, the owner of several clubs in Italy, Mr Black's love of music and entertainment comes through his music.   


Deep House, House, Tech-House, Tribal

Neil Kurland has been an omnipresent force in the electronic music scene for over a decade. He was first influenced by hip-hop and Baltimore Club (a genre which blends hip-hop and chopped staccato house) playing alongside Karizma, Scottie B, and Spen. Kurland's musical journey has lead him to genre blurring styles. He has mastered House, Turntablism, Hip-Hop and intelligent Drum & Bass. You can find him getting deep and sexy poolside at WMC or elevating the dancefloor to a frenzy 5 AM at the world renowned Paradox. Neil's current focus is Tech House - splashed with deep tribal undertones, heavy hitting percussion, and infectious bass lines.

He has electrified crowds at events such as Star Scape, Afternoon Delight, PEX Summer Fest and in cities such as Miami, San Francisco, New York City and the Cayman Islands. Kurland has held residencies at Mosaic (twice listed as Spin Magazines "Best Nights Out in America", Afternoon Delight ("5 Best WMC Daytime Parties" by MixMag UK), and PEX (The Philadelphia Experiment). Soul Mob Productions, co-created by Neil, produces the Visionary Gatherings in Baltimore, bringing internationally acclaimed artists and musicians such as Alex Grey, Shpongle, and Fort Knox Five.

Neil plays internationally alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music: Infected Mushroom, LTJ Bukem, Ron Carroll, Bassnectar, See-I, Jay-J, and Jask.   



Minimal, Techno, Tech-House

Nimrod is a Costa Rican DJ and Producer of Minimal Techno, Tech-House and Techno. On the decks and producing since 1996, he has rocked the dancefloor in Panama, Nicaraugua, Guatamala, Italy, Spain, Holand, and Finland. He has shared the stage with Superstar DJ's such as Ahmet Sendil, Alex Young, Felipe Venegas, Troy Pierce, Tiesto, Moshic, John Creamer, Sean Cusick, Saeed and Palash, Spaceman, Ivano Bellini, Who da Funk, Dave Seaman, Tim Skinner, Erick Morillo, DJ Disciple, Marco Carola, Berhouz, Chus and Cabellos and many more.


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