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Playa los Cedros in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  Great left-point break.

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Montezuma Coastline looking south towards Cabuya

· Montezuma Area Photos· 

A few photos showing the Montezuma/Malpais area. All photos by Geoff McCabe.

For photos of past gatherings/parties in the Montezuma/Malpais area, click here: Photo Gallery

 malpais / Santa teresa, costa rica
Horseback riding on the beach at sunset.

Montezuma, Costa Rica
The actual town of Montezuma, sitting on a white sand cove.

A beach in Montezuma
This is the actual beach that the Montezuma Gathering is happening on... closest to town.

Beaches of Malpais, Costa Rica
A small bay in the nearby beaches of Malpais.

Anamaya Yoga Retreat Center
Five yogi girls at Anamaya yoga retreat center in Montezuma, site of many Montezuma Gathering functions, classes, and parties.

The famous montezuma waterfall
The famous waterfall just outside of town in Montezuma.

Los Cedros surf spot in Montezuma, Costa Rica
Epic surf beach in Montezuma, Costa Rica... playa los cedros.

Playa Las Manchas in Montezuma, Costa Rica
Playa Las Manchas, a 10-15 minute walk from town, and the best snorkeling spot around.

Playa Hermosa, Malpais, Costa Rica
Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach) in the Malpais area.

A giant higueron tree.
Giant banyan/fig/higueron in Cabuya, Costa Rica.

Tidepool in north Santa Teresa
Tidepool in Santa Teresa/Malpais area.

Malpais Tidepools
Tidepools in Malpais... an absolutely epic spot.

Los Suecos Beach area in Malpais, Costa Rica
The giant rock in the southern part of Malpais

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